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Why I Like Being a Dental Hygienist at My Family Dentistry

Margaret, Dental Hygienist

I am a people pleaser by nature, but sometimes it can be difficult pleasing people when you bring them into an environment like the dental office!

Luckily, My Family Dentistry provides an environment that allows me to fulfill my need to please in my profession – by helping patients succeed in their oral health goals.  The office provides me with new technology and tools to help create a more positive experience for my patients.

This is important to a hygienist because it helps patients overcome dental fear in order to continue treatment, and to achieve a healthy mouth and the smile they have always wanted…and that is my goal!

I love that my boss and the team at My Family Dentistry are on board with me in this effort.  I appreciate that everyone in this dental office works together to help me with my hygiene patients.  Moreover, I enjoy being a hygienist here because the employees are always in a great mood!

I always look forward to going to work to help hygiene patients and to hang out with this great team. I love being a dental hygienist at My Family Dentistry and the interactions that I have with everyone that walks through the door.


P.S.  Have you had a good teeth cleaning lately?  Schedule an appointment and see for yourself how awesome a job our hygienists do getting them squeaky clean!

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