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The Cost of Dentistry

The Cost of Dentistry

If you have been the dentist recently, you may have noticed how expensive things can be sometimes, especially if you are not taking preventive measures to take care of your oral health at home and by a professional. Taking a further look at the dental industry may help you learn some of the business aspects of why dental care costs so much.

First, consider the cost the doctor incurs for education. Obtaining a dental degree can take a minimum of eight years. The cost of undergraduate education and the doctoral program can range from $200,000 to $500,000, and sometimes more. This cost is almost impossible to afford without using loans that universities offer through financial aid, and these Student Loans which are equal to a big home mortgage can take the doctor thirty years to pay off.

Secondly, consider the items and equipment that are required to run a successful dental practice. Big box stores like Wal-mart have the ability to purchase large amounts of one item so they can deliver a very low price with little customer service. Dentists, on the the other hand, when buying specialized equipment like filling material, bonding agents, and technology that provides you with the best dental care in the world, cannot go to Wal-mart and buy these things in bulk for low prices. Dental materials are governed by the FDA and require years of study and research just to bring them to market. These things contribute to increased prices for materials and equipment, which also raises fees for dental care.

Lastly, equipment doesn’t last forever. Recently during a storm in Powell, Tennessee, we had a surge and one of the x-ray machines we use to take check-up x-rays was damaged and required a repair that cost over $2300. That doesn’t include the revenue lost during the week it was down. Maintaining a high tech office and providing our patients the best of care is of the utmost importance, but it does cost money.

So the question should not be “Why is dental care so expensive?” but rather “How can I lower the cost of my family’s dental care?”

Our team recommends that you budget dental care and plan to prevent. Prevention with budgeting for dental care is the best combination for lowering the cost of dental care for you and your family. By keeping your teeth healthy from the start, you will spend less money and therefore lower the cost of your dental bill.

Some may say, “I am already in bad shape. What do I do now?” The best thing you can do is contact our team at My Family Dentistry. Let us help you figure an affordable way to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime!

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