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Teeth Stains: Foods to Avoid and Teeth Whitening


Chocolate tastes great, but it causes teeth stains!

At My Family Dentistry we often receive questions about what foods stain teeth and how to whiten teeth. What you eat and drink has a direct correlation to tooth staining and unfortunately chocolate can be a culprit. 

Some other foods and drinks that cause teeth staining are coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and dark berries such as blueberries.  You don’t have to eliminate these foods all together and there are ways to have stains removed. 

Dr. Wesley Mullins can help bring back that sparkling smile.  At My Family Dentistry, located in Powell, TN we offer a Deep Bleaching procedure.  Deep Bleaching is a tooth whitening procedure that can treat even severely stained teeth.

If you have ever been disappointed in the results from other methods you will be amazed with this technique.  If you have questions about whitening teeth or the Deep Bleaching method, contact My Family Dentistry.  We can answer your questions and/or schedule a whitening exam.

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