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Nano Silver Toothbrush

Bacteria thrive on your toothbrush and can double within the twenty minutes reproducing to as many as 100 million microorganisms. Germs that lurk on your toothbrush can cause periodontal disease, stomach flu and skin infections, to name a few. Not to mention that the toothbrush stored within six feet of a toilet can get airborne bacteria from flushing! Yikes! Who wants to brush teeth with creepy germs? Definitely not My Family Dentistry patients!

Dr. Mullins has just the right solution to avoid dangerous bacteria infestation and protect your oral health!

Nano Silver Toothbrush uses brand new technology that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria build up within 6 hours of use, leaving your brush almost sterile every time you use it.

The outer bristles of Nano Silver Toothbrush are 10 times thinner than any other toothbrush bristles. This ensures better cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Thick inner bristles guarantee complete cleaning. They are extremely gentle on the gums for patients with sensitive teeth.

Silver has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and at nano-size, silver particles penetrate and destroy bacteria cells. Since the bristles are extracted from the mixture of melted polyester and silver and aren’t actually coated in silver, the antibacterial effect does NOT wear off with brushing. Polyester has better bending and recovering properties than nylon, which is used to make bristles in 80% of all conventional brushes.

Depending on how ofthen you brush, the Nano Silver Toothbrush can last up to 4 months longer than a regular toothbrush.

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