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Strawberry Whitening

Strawberry Whitening

Strawberries in some circles are considered to be the number one fruit loved and preferred by Americans. My Family Dentistry loves strawberries, just ask our Team! Did you know that strawberries will whiten your teeth? Strawberries provide a natural inexpensive way to give you a whiter smile. I love my coffee and tea. These stains can darken a white smile.

Unlike lemons, strawberries contain a mild acid called malic acid that is safe to use on your teeth. When used properly you can brush away some undesired stains. This is definitely no replacement for our Deep Bleaching system that we use to obtain amazing results, but will provide a natural way to whiten your smile a little.

When strawberries are in season use the following method to clean your teeth

  1.  One Medium Strawberry with green stem removed

  2. Take a small bowl with a fork and smash the strawberry into a paste

  3. Dip your toothbrush into the paste and brush normally for 2 minutes

  4. Rinse thoroughly

  5. Repeat Daily or as needed

The next time you get some strawberries from the store or garden. Mash one up and get to brushing those teeth for a whiter smile!

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