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Happy 9th Year Anniversary to My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN!

My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN

Dear Friends,

The Lord has blessed my family with a great business in dentistry over these last few years and today, August 9th, 2013, marks the nine-year anniversary of My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN.  My appreciation goes out to the many people that have made the vision possible.  First, I would thank my Lord and Savior, who called me to be a dentist in 1999.  I draw my strength from my Lord each day as I treat my friends and family here at My Family Dentistry.  Secondly, I thank my wife, Laura, for reminding me that God is always in control.  I love you! 

It takes a TEAM of people to run a great dental office.  Thank you, Darci Simmers, for your dedication to my vision; thank you, Angela Pepin, for your faithful dedication to our phones; thank you, Julie Day, for your constant smile and quiet confidence; and finally, thank you to the newbies, Lynn Vaught and Jenny Morrow, for enduring that grilling interview.  Welcome to the TEAM! 

Last but not least, I want to give a huge “shout out” to the people we do this for, OUR PATIENTS!  You know who you are, and we could not continue without your dedication to dental health.  Thank you for you faithful patronage over the years. 

Years ago, I came up with “The Credo” for My Family Dentistry.  The word “credo” is Latin for belief.  This is posted in our office, and this is what I believe:

The TEAM Members of My Family Dentistry will always strive to provide our patients with excellence in dentistry that comes with a comfortable atmosphere, a professional touch,  dentistry that is always cutting edge, proven results, team work that can be seen through the eyes of others, Positive Memorable Customer Experience (PMCE) and most of all Christian values.  These things will come together for our patients when synergy takes place amongst the TEAM.  You should believe in what we do and the TEAM we have created.  We can always strive to reach new goals but, this synergy must start in the heart of everyone who has the privilege to work at be apart of the TEAM.  Their heart must be one that cares first and foremost for the patients we treat and believe good dentistry is a moral issue.  Leave your career tonight knowing that what you did today was better than yesterday, and that you can even do better tomorrow. 

Happy Anniversary to My Family Dentistry!


Dr. Wesley Mullins

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