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Comfortable Dental Experience

Trips to the dentist are often highly anticipated by patients, and not always in a good way. Many people associate dental procedures with pain and discomfort, which can cause a good bit of anxiety. It’s because of that apprehension that Dr. Mullins and My Family Dentistry have worked so hard to give our patients a more comfortable dental experience.

Atmosphere Is Important

We’ve worked hard to make your appointment less stressful, beginning when you step into our office. The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at My Family Dentistry is our spa-like atmosphere. An overly clinical setting can cause anxiety, and it’s important to us that you’re comfortable.

We now have a spa relaxation room right off of our main lobby, where you can relax with calm lighting, aromatherapy, muted colors, and comfortable chairs. From the lobby to our treatment rooms, we use not only calming colors, music, and décor, but we’ve also added aromatherapy to help you enjoy your time in our office as much as possible.

We even have TVs in our treatment rooms, so you can catch up on your favorite shows while we work!

Hot Wax Therapy in a Dental Office? Yes!

One perk of enjoying the comfortable dental experience at My Family Dentistry is the free paraffin wax hand treatment we offer to soften your hands while we work on your smile! If you choose to have the treatment, we’ll use an exfoliating scrub and then dip your hands in warm paraffin before you head in to the dentist’s chair.

The soothing effects of the wax and aromatherapy will calm your nerves and let you enjoy your time with us, while Dr. Mullins’s relaxed and informative manner will help you feel comfortable and confident about your dental treatment.

As you can see, we’ve worked hard to not only become the best dental practice in our area, but also to make your visit memorable in a positive way. So don’t let a little anxiety keep you from making an appointment with My Family Dentistry. We’ve got you covered!

Are you one of our patients? What’s your favorite thing about our office? Tell us in the comments!

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