9 Foods That Can Crack Your Teeth


Many of the foods we all love can be downright hazardous to our dental health. From soft and chewy to hard and crunchy, there are tons of foods that can crack your teeth.

Some foods are simply harder and tougher than teeth, so they win the battle when you bite down. In other cases, teeth gradually grow brittle over time and an unexpected bite leads to a small fracture or complete break.

Know which foods can damage your teeth and be careful when you encounter them. If you have special dental work, be especially careful!

Here are our top 9 foods that can crack your teeth:

#1. Olive and Stone Fruit Pits

Be careful when you bite into foods with pits — even a jar of pitted olives may contain some that went through production with the pit in tact. People often bite into peaches, plums, and cherries without being careful. Proceed with caution!

#2. Hard Candy

Lollipops and other hard candies can be tempting to bite. Be patient and count the number of licks instead. If you have sensitive or brittle teeth, you probably need to avoid peanut brittle and other crunchy candies as much as possible.

#3. Frozen Treats

Among all the sweet foods that can crack your teeth, we also see ice cream bars and other frozen treats! If you keep your freezer very cold, let these items thaw for a few minutes before biting into them.

#4. Unpopped Popcorn

Popcorn poses several problems to your mouth. The hulls get stuck between your teeth and can even cut your gumsbut it’s even worse to bite into an unpopped kernel! We often eat popcorn in dark rooms, so please be careful.

#5. Crunchy Bread

From chewy baguettes to crisp biscotti, did you know bread is one of the more surprising foods that can crack your teeth?

#6. Animal Bones

Handheld foods like buffalo wings or turkey legs contain bones that are hard to see. Stick to boneless versions if you really want to be safe and keep a healthy smile.

#7. Nuts

Biting on walnut and pistachio shells is a terrible idea. Even shelled nuts can be extremely hard on the teeth. Another common problem: you can get a partial chunk stuck in your mouth, then take another bite — and crack!

#8. Caramel

There are many chewy treats that can also crack your teeth! Soft caramels and similar sticky, chewy substances can stick onto crowns and other dental work. When you try to get it unstuck, the tooth itself can crack or break or the dental work becomes undone.

#9. Ice Cubes

Some people chew ice cubes out of habit, while others do it to avoid snacking or distract from nervous habits. You’d be better off chewing on carrot sticks or celery instead.

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