Is Your Kid Nervous About the Dentist?


Some children have a fear of going to the dentist, but there are a number of ways we can help make the process easier for them. If your child is anxious about an upcoming dental visit, try the following tips to help them feel more at ease:

Talk To Your Child

Talk to your child about the visit, but you don’t have to go into technical details. Dental x-rays and drilling can sound terrifying to your kid. We can explain any procedures in non-threatening ways that your child can understand.

Don’t Pass Along Your Fears

If you’re a nervous patient, try to not pass your anxiety along to your child. Don’t talk about pain or anything negative.

Provide a Distraction

Help distract your child while they’re at our office. If your child has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, bring it along for comfort. We can even help demonstrate what we’re going to do on your child’s friend so they’ll feel more comfortable.

We can also turn on the TV so your child can watch one of their favorite shows, so they’re not as focused on their anxiety. We try to make everyone as comfortable as possible, but it helps to know if a patient has dentist’s office jitters.

Read a Book

Read your child a book about going to the dentist before their appointment. Your local library will have titles such as “Curious George Goes to the Dentist,” “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist,” and “Just Going to the Dentist,” by Mercer Mayer.

Stay as Happy and Calm as Possible

Try to keep the mood as happy as possible. Don’t let your child’s anxiety make you nervous or stressed out. Instead, keep the mood light.

Tell Your Child About Us…

…And why dental care is important! Let your child know that Dr. Mullins and the staff at My Family Dentistry are friendly people who help adults and children take good care of their teeth and gums. Let them know why this is important, and explain that we’re here to help them.

Ask yourself, “Is my kid nervous about the dentist?” If so, contact us at My Family Dentistry in advance. We can make an extra effort to put your child at ease!

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