Fall Treatments to Look Your Best This Holiday Season


This fall, indulge in something that won’t require a teeth cleaning afterwards; try a Botox beauty treatment and Juvéderm consultation at My Family Dentistry. After all, looking great for the holidays doesn’t have to stop at a visit to the salon, buying a bag of new makeup, or cringing when the camera light flashes at family dinners. Instead, rejuvenate your skin for a healthy, energized complexion that will remain throughout your end-of-year festivities and even help ring in 2016.

Join us on Monday, October 5th, from 6-8 p.m. for an exclusive event that will leave you fresh-faced all winter. Get premium pricing for this high demand beauty procedure at just $10 (usually $12) per unit. If you invite a friend along, you’ll each receive treatment at only $9 a unit. Care Credit will also be accepted.

Although the use of Botox and dermal fillers might sound intimidating—especially if you’ve never experienced either before—we’ll help to demystify the process and explain the differences, applications, and benefits to these best-selling cosmetic aids. As you enjoy free refreshments in our relaxed, professional environment, we’ll guide you through the details of this quick, safe, and practical procedure that delivers beautiful, natural results to our clients.

Fast Facts:

Botox is a purified protein complex designated for medical and cosmetic use with well-documented benefits. It helps to improve skin texture while minimizing frown and worry lines. Botox works by relaxing the facial muscles underneath the skin for a smoother, finer appearance. Results are apparent within 4-14 days and last anyway from 4-6 months.

The use of Botox isn’t limited to boosting your appearance, either. It’s also clinically approved to relieve persistent neck pain, tension headaches, and migraines, reducing their occurrence through the same mechanism that diminishes muscle tension in the face.

Juvéderm is a dermal filler that—as the term implies—helps to fill in wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sagging lip lines. It stimulates collagen growth to plump up the skin where it has sunken or lost elasticity, and it delivers immediately visible results that can endure for 6 months to a full year.

While we won’t be performing dermal filler treatments the night of the event, we will provide consultations, which will give you the opportunity to make an appointment to receive Juvéderm at a future date. This procedure would include Juvéderm Ultra for lips and Plus for cheeks at a discounted rate of 10% off for each tube.

Reconnect with a rejuvenated face this October, and then keep it through the New Year. Contact us to learn more about our Botox event and join the party. RSVP on Facebook below!


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