Why Choose a Dentist for Your Botox Treatments?


If you’ve considered Botox, you might have noticed in your research that an increasing number of dentists now include this well-known cosmetic and medical aid as part of their service offerings. But you might also wonder just why and how a dentist is qualified to provide this type of treatment. The truth is, due to their rigorous education and professional experience, in addition to their expertise in facial anatomy, dentists are in the ideal position to administer Botox and dermal fillers, provided they have undergone proper training.

How Botox Works

Cosmetic and medical grade Botox is derived from a form of purified protein. It has been widely researched and documented to be safe for the treatment of frown lines and crows’ feet. It’s even proven successful for treating migraines and tension headaches. That’s because Botox—when injected facially—forces the muscles around the injection sites to relax, reducing the type of contractions that create furrowing. The same mechanism that relaxes these facial muscles can also be used to reduce the spasms that cause migraines.

Contrary to common misconceptions, Botox doesn’t really “freeze” the muscles in your face or your expressions. When done by a licensed, trained medical professional who specializes in knowledge of facial physiology, Botox should help to smooth the treated areas and nothing more. You should not experience numbness or feel as though the muscles are stuck.

Getting Botox is a quick procedure; some patients even get it done during their lunch breaks. Results become apparent within a day or two and last up to four months. At My Family Dentistry, the process is made even more relaxing as you are treated to a quiet, spa-like atmosphere, complimentary hand massage, and our signature bedside manner.

Where Dentists Come In

An experienced dentist has years of professional history attending to the delicate systems of tissue, nerves, and muscles in the mouths and faces of countless patients. Dentists are also already thoroughly familiar with performing injections for anesthesia and simply require further specialized training to learn the correct methods for applying Botox therapy and aftercare. Therefore, it isn’t a far leap for dentists to complete the necessary instruction and begin providing treatments.

Apart from the extensive educational and practical background that dentists have, many already offer cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants. While Botox and dermal fillers aren’t strictly speaking dental procedures, they are part of an expanding skill set that dentists are in an excellent position to master and offer to their clients. What’s more, your dentist is already familiar with your patient history and allergies, and is invested in your health, so they are well suited to offer advice and answer questions with your specific needs in mind.

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