The Best New Treatment for Migraines


While Botox® is a familiar name in beauty treatments that address fine lines and wrinkles, it’s uses are broader than that. As a medical aid, it also helps in the treatment for migraines to provide relief from chronic migraines and headaches caused by muscle tension or spasms. People who suffer from these conditions know just how debilitating they can be. The constant pain and pressure can make it difficult to work, socialize, and perform normal everyday tasks. But after one quick and safe procedure (and with regular follow-ups), Botox® can help to alleviate the symptoms, making life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why Botox®
As a preventative measure, this FDA-approved treatment is effective at safely stopping the conditions that can lead to migraines. The muscle contractions that cause these types of painful and stressful headaches can be minimized or eliminated altogether with regular injections every 12 weeks. This is an ideal option for adults who experience 15 or more migraines a month that last up to 4 hours at a time. If you suffer from very frequent migraines, this may not prevent them all, but it should drastically reduce the number of episodes so you can enjoy more pain-free days.

How It Works
The way that Botox® works for treating wrinkles is the same way it works for migraines. The active ingredient in the solution blocks signals between the nerves and muscles, keeping the affected muscles from contracting. When the injections are made around face, this reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes and mouth. When they are made to specific muscles along the neck and side of the head, the results aren’t apparent except in the diminished pain you’ll experience from chronic migraines and headaches.

How You Can Get It
If this type of treatment is something you’re interested in trying, it’s important to go to someone who knows what they’re doing. An experience and knowledgeable medical professional, like your dentist, will be most qualified to asses your needs and administer the necessary injections. Their education, training, and expert familiarity with the muscles of the face and neck will allow them to administer the Botox® with accuracy and minimal fuss.

My Family Dentistry prides itself on customer care, delivering the latest in dental treatment in a spa-like atmosphere. This quiet and calming environment also provides the perfect setting for a Botox® treatment. The process is fast (it can even be administered during a lunch break) with little to no pain at the injection sites afterward. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn about our other services.

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