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How to Avoid Coffee Stains on Your Teeth


When it comes to your smile or your morning cup of coffee, you shouldn’t have to choose. As it turns out, you can keep your teeth bright and white without sacrificing your rich triple espresso (or blended cinnamon hazelnut half-caf latte with whipped cream). A little forethought and conscientious dental hygiene will help to keep your teeth pearly white. Follow the guidelines below to avoid coffee stains and maintain a dazzling smile between visits to the dentist.

When Drinking

Not only coffee, but all darker beverages pose the risk of staining your teeth. Whether your drink of choice is tea, cola, or red wine, pigments in the liquid can easily discolor your enamel. To help avoid this occurrence, try to drink through a straw whenever you can. This minimizes the amount of liquid touching your teeth so it won’t cause discoloration.

After enjoying your beverage, try to drink a bit of water as well, to help rinse away some of the staining liquid. It will help to prevent pigments from sticking both to your teeth and your tongue, so that your breath also won’t suffer as much afterward. If you have a pack of sugar-free gum, chew a piece to encourage saliva generation, which works to neutralize the acids created by the bacteria in your mouth after eating and drinking.

At Home

Brushing and flossing regularly is a must for keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth free of stains. The ideal times for tending to your teeth and gums are right before heading out in the morning, as part of your nighttime routine, and after each meal. This ensures that harmful residue and debris are removed, preventing the process of staining.

To augment your home dental care, you can also use ADA-approved whitening toothpaste and mouthwash to prevent and remove discoloration. Though your mileage may vary, you can also employ home whitening kits on occasion for a temporary boost of brightness.

At the Dentist

Sticking to a routine check-up schedule will allow your dentist to stay informed of your overall dental health and any cosmetic concerns you have have regarding your teeth. In addition to providing thorough professional cleanings, your dentist can recommend particular products or treatments best suited to your lifestyle and goals. Even better, they can offer professional service with longer-lasting, more uniform results. At MFD, for example, we provide personalized whitening with the KöR Deep Bleaching system, a solution that helps to lift even the most severe staining.

You don’t have to give up your favorite beverages – including your beloved coffee – to keep your teeth in good shape. Maintaining a few healthy habits will make your dental care routine easier, so you can enjoy more sipping in the future.

At My Family Dentistry, we help you meet your oral health goals, whether it’s straighter teeth or a whiter smile. Learn about our range of services and how we use the latest, most advanced dental technology to get dazzling results.



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