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How Our New 3D Imaging System Improves Results and Patient Comfort

Dr. Wes and our team at My Family Dentistry are proud to announce a state-of-the-art addition to our array of high-tech dental equipment: the Rayscan Alpha. This new X-ray machine offers us safer, faster, and more accurate imaging technology than ever before, helping us to ensure the best dental care for our patients. Through award-winning X-ray technology and new imaging software, we can not only create high-resolution images of a patient’s entire mouth, but we can do so with far less radiation and chance of error.

Fewer X-Rays, Fewer Risks

The Rayscan Alpha uses X-ray pulses to minimize the amount of radiation exposure needed to generate high-quality images, rather than bombarding patients with a steady (and unnecessary) stream of X-rays. Scans also take a maximum of 14 seconds, meaning that fewer retakes are necessary due to patient movement and errors.

High Definition Images

Noise Reduction and Adaptive Moving Focus features allow the Rayscan Alpha to produce some of the highest quality images available to dentists. For patients with metal implants or silver linings in their mouths, X-rays often come out distorted, with bright points on the image that make it difficult for dentists to examine. However, with Metal Artifact Reduction, the Rayscan Alpha automatically filters these out, ensuring the best diagnosis for patients regardless of the metal present in their teeth.

Efficient Positioning for Patient Comfort

Older X-ray technologies often require awkward readjustment and fine tuning of the machine’s placement. The Rayscan Alpha automatically aligns itself to any mouth’s particular shape and size, making scans quick and painless. Auto-alignment and a wireless remote control allow for fast and efficient positioning.

Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging Software

The Rayscan Alpha comes packaged with Xelis 3D imaging software, which allows us to map the nerve canals in a patient’s mouth and delve into cross-sections of the image. With these highly detailed and adjustable visuals, we can get a full picture of a patient’s mouth and quickly assess its condition, allowing us to provide the best care possible.

Optimizing our patient’s comfort, safety, and care is a top priority for us at My Family Dentistry, which is why we’re so excited to have the Rayscan Alpha available to us, and why we see this technology as a worthy investment for our patients. Contact us if you have any questions about our top-notch care, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news about upcoming events and seminars!

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