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Getting Started With My Family Dentistry: New Patients, Payment Plans, and Finances

Whether you’re new to Powell or Knoxville, TN or simply looking for a new dentist, My Family Dentistry is here to make the process as easy as possible. Just ask Sarah, our very own financial coordinator. She found her way to us from North Carolina by way of ETSU and knows from experience the challenges of becoming a new patient in a new dentist knoxville, tn 

Sarah loves the quality of care patients receive in our office, always going the extra mile to ensure that you love your smile. She also appreciates the effort we make to show that going to the dentist doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing experience. As our financial coordinator, Sarah helps ensure that you are able to finance your treatments.

Becoming a New Patient at My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN

Sarah is more than an employee. Like many of her coworkers, she is also a patient here at My Family Dentistry. As an oral health advocate, she immediately noticed the effort our team makes when you visit our office. 

As she explains in a Mission Minutes video on Facebook:

From the time that I sat down in the chair with Dr. Mullins and the team, I was completely blown away by the quality of care that I was given. First and foremost, I was completely blown away by how personable everything was. There wasn’t just in and out, sitting down. It was “What do you want with your smile,” “How do you feel about your smile,” and “What’s going on with your teeth?” They put very extensive care and questioning into it. After the initial consultation was done they went back and created a whole treatment plan for me, went over all the finances that went into it, and how things can work for me and my budget.

Sarah believes that the most confident thing a person can wear is a smile. With My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our team is dedicated to giving you the smile that you deserve.

Overcoming Negative Experiences with Worry-Free Dentistry

At My Family Dentistry, Dr. Wes Mullins and Dr. Austin Owen understand that visiting the dentist isn’t most people’s idea of a fun time. A bad experience, bad dental work, or even fear of what the dentist may find can cause you to avoid coming in at all.

That’s why Sarah and the rest of our team strive to make your visit as worry-free and even pain-free as possible. As Sarah explains:

I think that everyone can share the experience of having bad dental work or a bad dental experience. Here at My Family Dentistry, we take the time to hear your story, figure out any traumas that you may have from it, and go forward with getting you a treatment plan made that’s pain-free, care-free, and you’ll enjoy the experience.

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Payment Plans & Financing Your Dental Treatment

Becoming a new patient and finding worry-free dentistry is one thing, but then comes another big hurdle: paying for it. This is where Sarah truly shines. She understands the frustrations that come with dental insurance and will work to help you finance your treatments.

According to Sarah in another Mission Minutes video on Facebook:

I think we can all universally agree that one of the biggest downfalls in dentistry is insurance. It’s the loophole game that everyone is trying to get through and the biggest question that everyone has is “how much is my upcoming treatment?” The biggest thing with My Family Dentistry is, from the moment you step forward in here and are in the doctor’s chair, you know what you’re paying for. The second question is “How am I going to pay for it?” Being the financial coordinator, I will be taking my time to get to know you, go over your finances, upcoming treatments, and any questions that you may have.

Treatment Financing Options at My Family Dentistry

Concerns about financing can create a lot of stress for patients. As CNBC points out, over half of Americans delay or don’t get the medical or dental help they need due to the fear of costs. That’s why we offer multiple options to help finance your treatment. 

This includes:

Whatever your situation, you’re likely to find financing with My Family Dentistry in Powell, TN. Our dedicated staff is passionate about helping our patients get the smile that they deserve.

Do you want to learn more about financing options at My Family Dentistry? Contact us today to learn more about our options!

Sarah is an oral care advocate and loves the quality care we provide to our patients. We spare no effort in making patients feel heard, cared for, and understood. She also appreciates how our team works to make your visit as pleasant as possible to avoid negative experiences. Sarah is also our financial advisor, helping you finance your treatments and get your perfect smile.

My Family Dentistry is open Monday through Thursday. Give us a call at (865) 947-6453 or you can schedule an appointment online.

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