In a perfect world, everyone would have perfect smiles for life. In the real world, dental problems are a common occurrence for most people at one time or another.

You have a restorative dentist in Powell, TN ready to help you. Call 865-685-9939 if you or someone you care about needs to fix any of the problems below.

1. Tooth Decay

Like it not, you will probably get at least one cavity during your life. If that happens, comes to us for a tooth-colored filling to stop a toothache and restore the look of your teeth.

2. Broken Tooth

Injuries and accidents are part of life. Those sometimes result in broken teeth. When they do, we can get your tooth back in shape with a dental crown.

3. Lost Teeth

People lose teeth more often than you may realize. Across the country, millions of teeth go missing every year. In Powell, TN, we can replace your lost teeth to give you back your smile and your bite.

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