You want to have a nice smile with healthy teeth. Even so, more likely than not, you will need a restorative dentist at some point in your life.

When that happens in Powell, TN, you should call 865-685-9939 to visit My Family Dentistry. Here are four things we can do to revive your smile.

1. Dental Crowns

Crowns are great for fixing a number of problems, including broken, cracked, and decayed teeth.

2. Dental Bridges

Missing a tooth or teeth? A dental bridge can fill the empty space in your smile and restore your ability to bite and chew and to speak clearly.

3. Dental Implants

Implants replace the roots of missing teeth. With implants, you can replace any number of teeth, so they feel like the real thing.

4. Tooth Fillings

According to national health officials, around 1 in 4 adults has untreated cavities at any given time. You can fix your tooth with one of our fillings.

Call 865-685-9939 to make an appointment with your restorative dentist in Powell, TN. You can also schedule online to visit My Family Dentistry.