Advantage Program

At My Family Dentistry, we believe that everyone should have access to the best dental care possible. This membership program allows us to better serve you, our patients by offering savings on preventive and routine treatment, as well as discounts on most other services.

Never Worry About Hidden Fees

The My Family Dentistry Advantage Program is our in-house subscription program that gives you access to 100% of your preventative care for the low cost of $32 – $75 per month.

The My Family Dentistry Advantage Program ensures that you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees, being denied by your insurer, or putting off visiting the dentist due to lack of insurance ever again. The My Family Dentistry Advantage Program is just one of the many ways that we’re seeking to provide the best dentistry possible to our patients.

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All Programs Include

2 professional cleanings per year

1 periodic exam per year

2 fluoride treatments per year

4 bitewing X-rays once per year

1 set of FMX/panoramic X-rays every 5 years

1 emergency exam per year (if needed)

15% off all other treatments (some exclusions may apply)

$99 Lifetime Activation Fee includes the first month

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