Sometimes a simple solution is the best one for your smile. Tooth bonding has been benefitting patients in and around Powell, TN for years. Let us show you what it can do.

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1. Cracked Teeth

Correct your cracked tooth by applying some composite resin where it’s needed.

2. Chipped Teeth

Just like with the problem above, a little resin can go a long way in reviving your smile. 

3. Discolored Teeth

A single discolored tooth can stand out for the wrong reasons. Bonding can bring it back in line with the rest of your smile.

4. Gaps Between Teeth

Eliminate small gaps by applying bonding resin in the right place to fill out your smile.

5. Worn Teeth

Grinding, clenching, or other factors can take a toll on your teeth. Tooth bonding can build up the tooth to restore its shape and function.

Make your smile look its best in little time with tooth bonding.

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