Our Upcoming New Office – Providing Quality Dentistry to Powell and the Knoxville Area

Whether you’re new to the area or a long-time resident in the market for a new dentist, now is the perfect time to become a patient at My Family Dentistry. We’ve been providing quality dentistry to Powell and the surrounding Knoxville area for nearly 20 years, and we are about to open an exciting new office with your comfort at its core. When you choose My Family Dentistry, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting worry-free dentistry that you can rely on.dentist near me

We are thrilled about our new office opening soon! Slated for early June and just down the road from our current building, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what’s to come with our new dental office in Powell, TN.

We talked to our team to learn more about:

  • How the new office better serves patients and their comfort
  • The most important features of the new building
  • What we excel at compared to other dental offices
  • What our team is most excited about for the new office

How the New Office Better Serves Patients and Their Comfort

When it comes to your comfort, our new office will provide you with more privacy than before. This will add a greater sense of confidentiality between you and our team. It also provides a quieter atmosphere so there’s not as much outside ambient noise when you come in for a cleaning or other dental work.

This will be especially beneficial for patients who experience dental anxiety. As Jordan, one of our dental hygienists explains,

I think people are going to be a lot more comfortable having more private space and not hearing all the noises. Especially our more nervous patients who are more on edge anyway. No one likes hearing the sound of the drill, so being able to hear less of that will be really good for them.

Kyleigh, one of our dental assistants, is excited about the removal of distractions. “Sterilization is off to itself so that will cut down on a lot of distractions. We are also upgrading with new equipment so that all of the sterilization equipment will be new and improved.” Our consultation room will also be more secluded for going over treatment options and providing you with a game plan.

As dental hygienist Taylor points out, more space also means that your appointment won’t need to be scheduled as far out into the future. She says:

People won’t have to be scheduled out as long to be seen due to space issues. This goes for sitting in the waiting room too, so they’ll have a chair to sit in even if we are running behind. With as much space as we’re adding, we have more resources to treat patients better. It also gives us more capacity to work without worrying about being in each other’s way.

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Important Features of the New Building

Privacy will be a key feature in our new Powell dental office. For Jordan, this has a practical and aesthetic benefit. She says, “ It’s going to create a more spa-like, relaxing atmosphere. I also just think it’s beautiful and really gives a ‘wow factor’ when people walk in.”

We’ve put a lot of thought into every facet of the new building to ensure the best experience possible for our patients. We offer a wide variety of services beyond cleanings, such as: 

  • Implants
  • Veneers
  • Myofunctional therapy
  • Gum disease treatment

Our new office allows us to provide these services in an even more comfortable environment.

Laura, one of our dental hygienists, seconds the importance of privacy for patients. Each room is individualized to support our staff and the task at hand. She is also excited that all of our equipment has been updated with the newest technology. This plus the added space of our new office has the extra benefit of improving the flow of our sterilization process.

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What We Excel at Compared To Other Dental Offices

Dentist Powell, TN

Service is one of the most important aspects of being a patient at My Family Dentistry. When asked what we excel at, Jordan responded, “Customer service for sure. And not the fake kind as if we have to put it on. All of our people really, genuinely love people and love the people that we serve.”

We also offer only the highest quality products to our patients. Laura explains:

There is so much time and research invested into literally every product that we use to know that they are the best on the market, or at least the best that works with the materials that we use. And Dr. Mullins and Dr. Owen commit themselves to always improving their techniques. Our hygienists and our assistants also commit themselves to improving on a daily basis.

What Our Team Is Most Excited About for the New Office

Space was the consistent answer. When asked what she’s most excited about, Kyleigh responded, “I would just say selfishly the space and the room. We have outgrown this building which is great but we need more space to do everything that we’re doing right now.”

Taylor felt the same way. Her room was added later and didn’t match the other work areas. “I’m just really excited about uniformity,” she says. This also means that you can expect the same level of care and attention in every room, no matter which space you’re in when visiting our office.

Laura is excited about the newness of everything. She’s also thrilled about the outdoor aspect of the new building, which will have large windows that provide plenty of natural light for patients. She plans on planting lots of fruit trees and plants for patients to enjoy.

My Family Dentistry has been providing quality dentistry to Powell and the Knoxville area for nearly 20 years. Click here to schedule an appointment!


The opening of our new building is the perfect time to become a My Family Dentistry patient. Whether you’ve just moved here or are looking for a new dentist, you’re sure to feel right at home in our new Powell dental office. It offers private rooms that remove distractions in a spa-like atmosphere. We’ve installed the latest technology so you know that you’re receiving the highest quality of care, no matter your treatment. 

My Family Dentistry is open Monday through Thursday. Give us a call at (865) 947-6453 or you can schedule an appointment online.

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