Change Your Smile for the Better With Gum Reshaping Treatment

You can have the most beautiful set of teeth in the world. Yet if they’re overshadowed by too much gum tissue, people will notice your gums rather than your teeth. You may have thought that there’s nothing that can be done about this situation.

However, hope is available with a gum reshaping procedure. Dr. Mullins will gently remove excess gum tissue and shape your gumline to even out your teeth-to-gum ratio. When your treatment is finished, you’ll have a more balanced smile that you’ll be proud to show off to everyone. You’ll feel confident that your teeth are being noticed more than your gums.

We often use a laser for gummy smile treatment. It is:

  • Fast – Treatment can typically be completed in one visit. Your results are instant.
  • Comfortable – With no incisions or stitching, your procedure will be pain-free. We’ll numb the area we are working on beforehand. You can also receive sedation if you’d like. Your recovery will be quick and comfortable too.

To balance out your teeth and gums, call My Family Dentistry today at 865-685-9939 for gum reshaping in Powell. You can also make an appointment online.