Our Top 5 Favorite Things About Our New Office: How They Provide You With Comfortable Dentistry

As we near the opening of our new dental office in Powell, TN, we want to share changes we’ve made from our old location and the difference they’ll make during your visit. Some of these changes will be more obvious than others. However, each detail has been planned with your comfort in mind so that you have the best dental experience possible!knoxville dentists

Our top five favorite things about our new office include:

  • Larger operatories
  • The latest technology
  • More privacy in our operatories
  • A private consultation room
  • Comforting colors

1. Larger Operatories

As a dental assistant, Kate works side by side with Dr. Mullins and Dr. Owen to ensure that you have the best oral health possible. She is a true dental care advocate and believes that a smile is the best accessory. Kate loves getting to interact with people all day and is excited about how our new, larger operatories will make those interactions even better.

For one, they are a lot bigger than what we had. They’re going to be a lot quieter and more comforting when we’re working on patients. It’s going to be very quiet when we go to present treatment plants or talk to you one on one. We won’t have to worry about a lot of commotion going on and being interrupted. That’s a big plus that we’re looking forward to at My Family Dentistry.

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2. The Latest Technology

Technology plays an important role in where you go to the dentist. While you may not be an expert in the latest dental technology, new equipment lets you know that a dental office is always looking for ways to make your dental visit more comfortable. New technology can also be the deciding factor in where you choose to get an implant or other important dental work.

That’s why we’ve used our new office as an opportunity to upgrade all of our equipment. A prime example of this is our new sterilization center. We focus on “central sterilization”  with special counters certified to be used in medical environments. Another new addition is a special instrument washer to ensure our staff comes into as little contact with contaminants as possible.

Every room has been designed so that our staff has what they need to provide you with the best dentistry possible. “We’re just excited that our patients are going to be receiving the best quality of instruments and care that we’re providing,” says Kyleigh, one of our dental assistants.

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3. More Privacy in Our Operatories

Along with being bigger and quieter, our new operatory rooms also provide you with much more privacy. This is beneficial if you want to discuss treatments that you would prefer to keep private, or if you’re a new patient who simply wants to adjust to a new office without distraction. Our new closed-off operatory rooms give you a whole new sense of privacy.

“I think people are going to be a lot more comfortable having more private space and not hearing all the noises,” explains dental hygienist Jordan. “Especially our more nervous patients who are more on edge anyway. No one likes hearing the sound of the drill, so being able to hear less of that will be really good for them.”

Kyleigh agrees on the importance of privacy for patients. “Conversations are going to be more confidential,” she says. “We’re going to have the opportunity to make it a more quiet atmosphere when you’re in the dental chair and not have so much outside noise. Sterilization is off to itself so that will cut down on a lot of distractions.”

As a dental assistant, Laura understands the role that privacy plays in comfortable dentistry. When detailing the surgical rooms, she explains, “Our surgical suite is a room all by itself so those people who will be having surgeries will have their own area away from the rest of the office. It’s very private and very comfortable.”

4. A Private Consultation Room

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Our focus on privacy goes beyond our operatory rooms. In our old building, the majority of conversations occurred in the same rooms where you received treatment. This could be uncomfortable for some folks since they didn’t allow for much privacy. Now, we have a special room dedicated to one-on-one conversations without disturbances.

In a recent Facebook video, Dr. Mullins gave a tour of parts of the office we’re especially excited about. One of these was the new private consultation room where he says: 

One of the things that we’re building at My Family Dentistry is a special area where patients can come and privately have conversations about any concerns they may have. This can be about basic oral health questions, treatments, or any important financial questions they may have. This special room has glass walls so you feel like you’re in an open area and feel comfortable.

5. Comforting Colors

You may not realize it, but the colors used in a space can actually play an important role in your mood. That’s why we’ve planned our new building down to the smallest detail, including the color scheme and windows. We’ve focused on enhancing our new office with calming colors and plenty of natural light to create a relaxing, stress-free environment.

According to Laura, “I think that the colors that we’ve used for the rooms are very comforting colors. They’re very natural colors that remind you of calm. I like that the windows have natural light coming in, but we’ll also be able to block some of that light so that it’s not too intense in the rooms.”

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Our new office will boast larger operatory rooms that provide plenty of space so you feel comfortable. We’ve also used the new building as an opportunity to update all of our technology for the most thorough exams possible. Operatory rooms in our new building are much more private, as well as our new consultation room. Subtle touches such as calming colors will help you have a more relaxed visit without even realizing why.

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