You already know that you can come to your cosmetic dentist in Powell, TN for professional whitening, veneers, and even orthodontic care. 

Those aren’t the only ways to upgrade your smile. You can also come to My Family Dentistry for these services. Call 865-685-9939 to make your appointment.

1. Gum Reshaping

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People who have gummy smiles can feel self-conscious about how much their periodontal tissue dominates their smiles. Change that by redefining your gumline.

2. Tooth Contouring

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Teeth that are oversized or oddly-shaped compared to the rest of your smile can be a distraction. Contouring is a way to make them fit in with the rest of your teeth.

3. Botox®

Enhance your smile by smoothing fine lines and stopping wrinkles, so you look younger.

Call 865-685-9939 to make an appointment in Powell, TN. Or you can simply schedule online. Find out what your cosmetic dentist can do.